Triangle Production  is an independent production company founded in 1987 by Mr. Silvio Testi.

The many productions over the years cover nearly all television genres and the major television networks, some of them achieving extraordinary results which have become special memories.

Three editions of “Buona domenica”: the first live broadcast from Channel 5; three editions of “Dance Champions”: record still unbeaten Rete 4 in terms of shares; seven editions of “Trenta ore per la Vita“: the biggest live event ever produced on Mediaset.

From 2001 Triangle Production constituted its own creative factory, with which gave life to new innovative formats like “Gambling”: daily quiz aired for three consecutive years in France on France 2 but also in Spain on La Sexta and in Turkey on Kanal1.

“The big opportunity”: The first Italian talent dedicated to new business ideas, broadcast on Rai1 and Rai3.

We have created original international format adaptations, then sold in other territories like: “The Mole“, the international format completely reworked in an original way by the creative factory consisting of Marco Salvati, Silvio Testi and Paolo Taggi for RAI2 and then for Italia 1, which with the mentioned title achieved the highest share of audience in the Auditel era.

Besides “the mole”, we realized the Italian adaptation of international formats such as “Don’t forget the lyrics,” “The color of money”, “Sixth Sense”, “Comedy Club”, “Date my mom”, “Ice” and “Your mama don’t dance”.

We have own facilties that allow us to carry out all the processes necessary to perfect the best audio-video productions in house.

Since 2004 we are present as exhibitors in major international content trading markets as Italian member of the International Network SparkNetwork, of which we have been a member for seven years. Currently we operate in partnership with the distribution company: BlueBox entertainment.

In almost thirty years of activity, Triangle Production had the opportunity to compete in almost all television genres ranging from live shows to factual, from game to reality, always complemented with solid professionalism. Triangle, as always, has chosen to operate with a light, ductile and organizational structure, able to adapt quickly to the demanding need for a   large live event as well as to a production of small size. Both in Italy and in foreign countries in which we have also set up large set, committing Italian and foreign staff, organizing and managing with control and efficiency, important productions even on challenging filming grounds.

We believe that, to recount the changing world, it is important to apply creativity and imagination to the emerging technologies and new forms of interactivity that generate content. We believe that new experiences of viewing and sharing  can also give shape to the creation of new languages and new content and we are working in this direction. Triangle, in fact, in this area has already experienced and proposed to the international markets new generation products based on the shooting to 360° operable on second screen and the use of innovative communication mechanisms managed by mobile robotic elements.

Triangle Production is a fully structured company which has its studios for audio and video production that enable it to deal directly and in an agile manner to every production need regarding: recordings and audio mixrehearsalvoice over and dubbing serviceshearings and casting moviesediting and compositing videomixage audio video. The studios have been entirely designed and made in Rome by the two most prestigious brands in the world in acoustic design, such as: John Flynn and Sam Toyoshima, who replicated for us in Rome the technical perfection and the atmosphere of another creations of theirs: the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.


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